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In Reception, we have a pet hamster called Nugget. Nugget is a boy, and is nearly two years old. We care for Nugget by giving him food and water, and cleaning out his cage every week. Sometimes, we give Nugget a treat (but not too many). His favourite treats are yoghurt drops and pears. Nugget enjoys exercising in his ball, we have lots of fun watching himlaugh. Click on the photographs below to meet Nugget.

Float and Sink

We enjoyed taking part in a class experiment about sinking and floating. First, we predicted which objects would float, and which objects would sink. Then we had lots of fun finding out if our predictions were rightlaugh. At busy time, we enjoyed experimenting with our water tray toys. We found out ducks and apples float on top of the water, and rocks sink to the bottomyes. Click on the photographs below to see our floating and sinking experiment.