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We learned that a noun names people, places, or things.

Today you are going to roll the dice and then use the chart below to find which activities you should complete. Complete tasks in your busy book.

Roll your dice at least 5 times laugh
enlightenedChallenge - make it from the top of the board to the bottom by completing the activities


Here is an online dice in case you don't have one at home.



Today you will work on grouping.
First, click on the 'White Rose Maths' icon below. Watch the video lesson:

Summer Term - Week 6 (w/c 1st June)

Lesson 3 - Grouping

Then, click on the BBC icon and watch the short video clip, read the information and then complete activity three and four online.

After that, for more challenge, log in to TT Rockstars and don't forget about My Maths wink

Email your teachers if you need login information:






Click below to go to the BBC website. Watch the video clip of the children singing Old MacDonald had a farm in Spanish. 

In your busy book make a list of all of the animals that could be on the farm - use your Spanish words and draw a picture of each one.

Challenge - sing a verse of the song adding in your own animals.
The youtube video and link for website below will help you wink 


Old MacDonald had a Farm Children's Song with Spanish / Spanish learning Lab



Youtube videos are a great way to make sure you don't forget all of the Spanish language that you have learned so far.