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Thrilling Thursday

Hello everybody!  Today it is Thrilling Thursday!

We have been thinking about pets. What sounds do they make?

Animal Sounds Song

For our thrill today we are going to play a game! We have been thinking about pets so our game will be to guess the sound of the animals. Take turns to have a guess!

Guess the Animal Sound Game

Which pets do you love the most?

Somebunny Loves Me

Hop, trot, and bop along to this song about the pets we love in this super fun music video.

The Davies family have a black and white cat called Sullivan. We love Sullivan!
Cats are very clever and interesting!

Interesting facts about Cats | Educational Video for Kids.

Cats can be many colours or just one colour. Can you see the spots on one of these cats and the stripes on the other cat?

Mini Maths


Today we can look at coloured patterns. Can you help your child to spot the pattern and see which colour is the next one?

Now you can select some of your colourful toys – they may be sticks, bricks or blocks and try to make your own pattern to continue.  It might be blue then red, or orange then green or any colours you choose.

Take turns with your child to make patterns.

Challenge; see if your child can continue a pattern or three, four colours or more?

For example; blue, red, green, blue, red, green


There are 13 picture cards in the slideshow today.

Can you name all of the pictures?

Challenge- can you hear the first sound in the start of the words?

eg. "a, a, a,  apple"  or   "zzzzzz   zip". 


This is about Mog the Cat.

Mog the Forgetful Cat

Challenge: draw a picture of Mog to help you to remember the story!

Enjoy your day!