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Funky Friday

Good morning laugh

Today is 'Funky Friday' and we will be doing some musical rhythm activities later.

Let's do some busy work first:



There are 2 more picture cards to learn today:

                yak                                    leg

Here is a collection of the picture cards that, I think, are the trickiest to remember.

How many you can name?  Try your best and good luck!

Mini Maths

Look at the dogs below and talk to your child about their size and that they are in order of size from smallest to biggest.

Now look at each group of dogs and put each group in order, pointing to each dog from smallest to biggest, using language of 'smaller than'/ 'bigger than'.

Funky Friday

Use sticks, pencils, spoons or rolls of paper to tap together and join in with the beat in the songs below: 

Tap Your Sticks

Do You Have Any Pets?

A simple song to learn animal names


Enjoy finding out lots of interesting facts about dogs in the book today.


cool I hope you have a good weekend and can go out to enjoy the sunshine. 

See you next week wink