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Year 6

Year 6 Curriculum Intent

We want our children to be open minded, independent, respectful, resilient, active, creative and forward thinking.

Year 6 Curriculum Overview



Autumn Term

Spring Term

Summer Term


Powerful Language

Eye of the Wolf

Mission: Save


The Great Debate

Reading, writing and SPAG

Fantastic, Funny, Frightening

What is Blood For?

Poetic Voice

Word Detectives Week

Reading, writing and SPAG

Comprehension Revision

Salamander Dream

Amazing Inventions

A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Reading, writing and SPAG


Place Value:  Ordering


Order of operations

Problem Solving

Addition and subtraction

Multiplication and Division



Converting measures

Properties of 2D and 3D shapes

Fractions and percentages

Multi-step problems

Explaining reasoning

Area, perimeter and volume

Negative Numbers

Problem Solving

Addition and subtraction

Multiplication and Division


Living Things & Their Habitats


Animals Including Humans

Evolution and Inheritance

Evolution and Inheritance




Street Art

Express Yourself


We are Indian Food Designers


We are Frame Structure Designers


We are Electrical System Designers


World War 2

Why should we remember the Maya?

How has communication changed over time?


Where should we go on holiday?

What is it like in the Amazon?

Where does all of our stuff come from?





Coordination: Ball Skills /Agility: Reaction/Response

Static Balance: Seated /

Static Balance: Floor Work

Athletics (LSSP)

Top Up Swimming


Family and jobs Feelings

At the doctors

Recall 1-100 (x10 – 100 RRP)

Justifications for opinions

Places in town and directions

Round numbers up to 1,000,000

1 – 1,000 (R/W)

Haunted castle mystery


Counting x2, x3, x5, x10

Fractions and decimals


Counting x2, x3, x5, x10

Fractions and decimals


We are Adventure Gamers and Computational Thinkers

We are Advertisers

We are Network Technicians

We are Publishers



U2.4 If God is everywhere, why go to a place of worship?

Christians, Hindus and  Jewish people


U2.8 What difference does it make to believe in Ahimsa, Grace or Ummah?

Christians, Muslims  and Hindus (recap)

U2.5 Is it better to express your beliefs in arts and architecture or in charity and generosity? 

Christians, Muslims  and non-religious (Humanists)

U2.3 What do religions say to us when life gets hard? 

Christians, Hindus and non-religious responses



Christmas Songs

Classroom Jazz 2

Reflect, Rewind & Replay

Leavers Service


Being Me in My World

Democracy, Rule of Law, Individual Liberty, Mutual Respect, Tolerance of those of diff. faiths & beliefs

Celebrating Difference

Democracy, Rule of Law, Individual Liberty, Mutual Respect, Tolerance of those of diff. faiths & beliefs

Dreams & Goals

Democracy,, Individual Liberty, Mutual Respect, Tolerance of those of diff. faiths & beliefs

Healthy Me

Rule of Law, Individual Liberty, Mutual Respect, Tolerance of those of diff. faiths & beliefs


Democracy, Rule of Law, Individual Liberty, Mutual Respect, Tolerance of those of diff. faiths & beliefs

Changing Me

Individual Liberty, Mutual Respect, Tolerance of those of diff. faiths & beliefs

💻Safer Internet Day 💻



We have been writing our own code to create our own shapes. We needed to do lots of debugging to make sure it looked exactly as we wanted. Click on the links to see what we have been doing!



The Seven Joys of Spring

As part of our poetry work in English, we were inspired by 'The Seven Sorrows' by Ted Hughes. As this is all about the sadness of winter, we decided to rewrite it about spring, talking about some of the things that put smiles on our faces. 

We are so proud of our writing in Year 6.





Autumn/Spring/Summer 1: Year 5 on Y3/4 Yard and Year 6 on 5/6 Yard


Autumn/Spring/Summer: Year 5 on 5/6 Yard and Year 6 on 3/4 Yard


Teachers from the year groups that are on 3 and 4 Yard take their children down first.

Teacher on duty sends the year group that is on 5 and 6 Yard back to class first.

Sanitiser will be available before and after break time.




Daily Structure

Y5/6 Quarter


8.45 entrance through car park gate, met by SMT/LSO, guided to stairs by LSO, hand gel applied, keep to left up stairs on way to class.



10.45 playtime:

Y5 on far yard first with either Y5 teacher or Y5 LSO. 

Y6 on near yard with either Y6 teacher or Y6 LSO

Y5 back first followed by Y6

Children hand gelled on way out and back


If possible, children keep to left on way back to class unless detrmined otherwise by supervising teacher


Same routine at lunchtime


Children get half hour out and half hour in having lunch


Y5 leave at 3.10

Y6 leave at 3.20



Children stay with adult until SMT let them leave unless they go home on their own.


Year 6 Curriculum Impact

British Science Week

British Science Week

Y6 were very lucky to be visited by ex-pupil, Shadia Jones, who has just completed her Masters in civil engineering. She came to talk to us about the importance of reading and writing and how this has helped in her studies. The children were truly inspired!

Eight of our Year 6 children went to the Women's Hospital to put their artwork about what they want to be when they grow up in a time capsule. The time capsule is to be buried under the entrance to the new Neo natal unit which is due to open later this year.  The children are working with artist Nicola Lowe to create artwork which will be placed at the entrance of the new unit. This will be part of a permanent display.  The children had a great morning and enjoyed juice and cookies provided by the staff! They're looking forward to their next visit when they will also get a tour of the new neonatal unit. 

We invited our parents to school to help us learn about the importance of recycling. We have some very talented mums and dads!
We enjoyed a fantastic day doing 'Chemistry with Cabbage', learning about chemical changes. The investigations were brilliant and we learned lots of fun ways to explore scientific ideas.
Year 6 attended the Crucial Crew event where we met people from organisations such as Merseyside Police, St. John's Ambulance and the Dogs Trust who showed us how we can protect ourselves in public and online.
In music, Year 6 have been learning the song. 'Happy'. As well as singing, we have been learning the glockenspiel accompaniments to play along. We have learned how important it is to keep the correct rhythm and timing.


Still image for this video

In art, year 6 have been studying Gustav Klimt. We have painted in the style of Gustav and used symbolism. We have been experimenting with texture and patterns.

For Design and Technology, year 6 had to design a scarecrow. We all talked about the purpose and safety issues involved in the design of our scarecrows so they would be successful and safe outside.

Year 6 visited the Merseyside Maritime Museum to take part in a 'Life in the Forties' workshop led by the Liverpool Women's History Group. This was a great introduction to our World War Two topic and we even got to experience what it would have been like during an air raid!

Air Raid!

Still image for this video

We were lucky to, once again, welcome James Riley to Year 6. His anti-gang message was well-received by the children, who learned a lot about how to keep themselves safe as they get older.



Our future Chief Constable of Merseyside - the lucky recipient of a JD Sports voucher for her hard work and superb responses all week.

Street Art


As part of their Street Art topic, Year 6 visited the Baltic Triangle to see some some amazing art work. The Liver Bird wings were a definite favourite! 

Drug & Alcohol Awareness Workshop


6O visited the Learning Space at Anfield to take part in a drug and alcohol awareness workshop led by Young Addaction. As well as finding out about the dangers, we each took part in a presentation to show what we had found out. We also tried on some 'beer goggles' and discovered how difficult it was to do everyday things like walk in a straight line!

Chemistry With Cabbage

We had a great time at our Chemistry with Cabbage workshop, finding out about scientific processes and carrying out our own investigations!

Crucial Crew!


We attended the Crucial Crew event where we discovered ways in which we can protect ourselves from danger. We met people from many organisations such as The Dogs' Trust and St. John Ambulance and had a fantastic morning.

At War!

Still image for this video

Some Y6 children played UV Dodgeball at Anfield Sports Centre.It was brilliant!

Our visit from Zoolab!

Sport at Archbishop Blanch

Thank you to the staff and pupils at Archbishop Blanch for giving us the opportunity to do some P.E. at their school - the children all had a fantastic time and are desperate to go again!

Our Visit to Merseyside Maritime Museum

Still image for this video
As part of our Science topic on healthy bodies, we went to the Merseyside Maritime Museum and wore some 'beer goggles' to see the effect alcohol can have on our body. It was impossible to stack the cups on top of each other!

New Age Kurling Champions!

Huge congratulations to our Year 6 children who took part in the LSSP New Age Kurling competition at ESLA and won! The children were a credit to our school.



Year 6 Science

We have been finding out about the systems of the human body and today we made our own digestive system! As you can see, some children enjoyed the mess more than others!




Tony Bellew, ex-pupil of Lawrence Community Primary School, came to visit and some of the Year 6 children were photographed holding his WBC belt!



Welcome to Year 6