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In Reception, we use the scheme 'Jigsaw' to support the children's Personal, Social and Emotional Development. Across the year, we cover six units of work: 'Being Me in My World', 'Celebrating Difference', 'Dreams and Goals', 'Healthy Me', 'Relationships' and 'Changing Me'. We have weekly sessions involving Jennie, our Jigsaw friend. Our Reception children love Jigsaw Jennie, who is now a much loved member of the class. She helps the children talk about their problems, behaviour and emotions and involves all children in class discussions. 

In class, we are currently learning about our health and fitness. Jigsaw Jennie has helped the children learn about ways to keep their bodies healthy. We have learnt about healthy and unhealthy foods, and the importance of exercise. Ask your child to tell you some foods that are healthy and unhealthylaugh.