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NEW - Red Sight Words


How many of the words in the PowerPoints
can you read?


Handy Hints wink

  • If you don't know a word ask someone is your house to read it for you.
  • Listen carefully to the sounds in the word.
  • Copy the word into your busy book.
  • Draw a circle around the part of the word that doesn't sound the way you expected it to or makes a sound that is different to it's usual sound.
  • Draw a picture with the word that might help to remember it for next time 




- Start with Powerpoint 1

- When you can read all of the words in 1 challenge yourself to spell  the words using look, say, cover, spell, check

- If you can spell all the words you can Level Up and move to Powerpoint 2

- Each time you have completed one Powerpoint by learning to read and spell the words you can level up!


If you manage to level up past level 7 let your teacher know by emailing us:

so that we can give you more spelling challenges!