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Making a Chinese Zodiac Wheel 

We learned all about Chinese New Year. We then designed, made and evaluated our own Zodiac Wheels. 

We are drink designers

We have been designing a healthy drink for our friends to enjoy. We tasted lots of different fruit and thought of lots of words to describe their texture and taste. We then thought about where the fruit we tasted came from.


Following on from our Geography topic 'What is it like where we live?' we thought about our local area and the places we can get fruit. We discussed the different climates that the fruit would grow in and which fruits could be grown at the Sefton Park allotments in our local area.  


We then voted to decide the  most popular combination of fruits and juice used to make the healthy drink. Using this information some of our classmates went out in the local area to buy the produce needed. 

We had lots of fun making our drink. With our friends we chopped, poured, mixed and blended our drink, ready to serve to the rest of the class.