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Fun-day Focus

Make-it Monday

Children are going to make a Halloween puppet today.

They will be dipping sponge into paint to print a shape- white for a ghost, orange for a pumpkin, green, blue or red for a monster.

When the paint is dry, they will attach 2 googly eyes or paper eyes.

Finally they will attach a lolly stick to the back of their character so they have a handle to hold to spook parents later!

Taste-it Tuesday

The children are going to make icing sugar biscuits for their snack today.

We will mix icing sugar with a small amount of water and then add food colouring to make different colour sugar icing.

Children will choose their favourite colour to dribble icing onto their biscuit and spread with a small spoon.

They can then eat their sticky sugar biscuit.

Wiggle Wednesday

Moving to music is lots of fun and great for developing physical skills, strength and stamina.

It also helps boost confidence as well as helping us to feel good, so lets all dance and move together.


Halloween Sharks

Halloween Freeze Dance for Children

Monster Shuffle

Thrilling Thursday

Today's thrill is to make  paper sparklers! They are safe for your child to use and play with. Look at this video to show you how to make them!


Family Fun: Patriotic Paper "Sparklers"

Brighten up your festivities with these DIY paper "sparklers" that shine without any sparks! Subscribe to our channel:

Once you have made the sparklers with your child, allow them to play with them. You can have fun them how to make different shapes in the air; circles, squares, triangles and curvy or zigzag lines in the air.

Then see if your child can wave the sparklers to the beat of a favourite piece of music.


Funky Friday
Today's Funky Friday activity will be to do activities with coloured scarves!

MIMkids: Mini Music Makers Scarf Activities

Fun scarf activities that you can do at home with your children.