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Good Morning Receptionblush.

Today is Monday 22nd June 2020, the start of another school week. 

Scroll down for today's busy work activitiesyes.

Phonics Time

If your child is confident recognising all of the set 1 sounds, and can read words such as ship, king, bat, and clap, without any support, then click on the set 2 sounds icon.

If you want to practice more phonics, you can now play 'Dragon's Den.' blush

PE Time

Now, it's PE Timelaugh. Let's start by warming up our bodies. Copy the actions to 'Heads, Shoulders, Knees and toes' in the video belowyes.

Head Shoulders Knees And Toes (2019) | Noodle & Pals | Super Simple Songs

Now, with a grown-up, try the exercises on the cards below.     mail Parents: Spend around 30 seconds on each movement and take a short break in between each activity. 
Great Job Reception! Don't forget to do a little bit of exercise everydaylaugh.

Maths Time
This week, at Maths Time, we are going to practice our money skillslaugh.
Let's start today's activity by telling a grown up the amounts of each coin belowyes.
mail Parents: If your child needs support, say the amount, and ask them to repeat after you.

Super!  How much do the delicious cakes costcheeky?   Top Tip: Use your pointy finger to help youblush.
Draw the cakes and write how much they cost in your busy books, don't forget to put 'p' at the endyes.
Super Challenge Time:
You will now need to use your adding brains, to help you add together the two different amountswink
As a super, super challenge, can you write the addition sum? yes
Spectacular Maths Receptionlaugh.
Click on the link below, if you would now like to play a money game.

Story Time

Today's story is called 'Captain Flinn and the Pirate Dinosaurs.' When Flinn discovers a pirate hiding in a cupboard, it’s ‘All aboard, me hearties!’ for a real, live pirate adventure... But, there are some mean baddies on the loose…surprise Will fearless Flinn be able to captain the ship and defeat the Pirate Dinosaurs? Click on the link below to listen to today's fantastic storyyes.

Wow! You have done some tremendous busy work today!

Stay safeheart.

Miss Dodgson & Mr Kirkbride