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Mathematics at Lawrence

Curriculum Intent

In Mathematics, we want our children to be open minded, independent, respectful, resilient, active, creative and forward thinking.


We want our children to confidently use Concrete, Pictorial and Abstract resources to help them with their Mathematics.


We want our children to be Fluent in Mathematics.


We want our children to be able to Reason in Mathematics.


We want our children to be able to Solve Problems in Mathematics.


When our children have been taught a particular set of number facts such as the bonds to 10, 100 or 1000 or the x tables up to 12, or a specific skill such as counting in tens or hundreds, they need to keep these fresh in their heads. We aim to ensure this happens regularly through our 4-a-day practice.


At the centre of our Mathematics curriculum, we want our children to enjoy what they are learning. As such, we are using more computer based modelling and interactive games to support this.


Curriculum Overview

(Knowledge Engagers courtesy of Ricky McCurdy and Sarah Farrell)


Autumn Term

Spring Term

Summer Term


Number ELG: 

Shape & Space ELG:


Place value

Addition and Subtraction

Multiplication and Division

2D and 3D Shape

Problem solving and reasoning

Measures  - Height / Length /  Money

Fractions of number and shapes

Addition and Subtraction

Multiplication and Division

Measures  - Height / Weight / Length / Capacity/ Time / Money

 Multiplication and Division

Position and Direction

Sequencing events in chronological order

Word Problems

Measures  - Height / Weight / Length / Capacity/ Time / Money


Place Value

Addition and Subtraction

Multiplication and Division

Word Problems

Fractions of a length, shape, set of objs. or quantity

Measuring Money, Times Length, Height, Mass, Temperature and Capacity


Patterns and Relationships in Shape

Problem Solving and Reasoning in number using all 4 operations


Place value

Addition and Subtraction

Multiplication and Division

Fractions linked to Multiplication and Division


Number: Fractions

Geometry: Property of Shapes




Place Value

Addition and Subtraction

Multiplication and Division



Shape and Space

Multiplication and Division

Measurement of Area and Perimeter, Time, Angles

Fraction and Decimal Problem Solving and Reasoning:   Geometry

Shape and Space


Data - Statistics

Negative Numbers

Roman Numerals


Multiplication (formal written layout)

Shape and Space Co-ordinates


Place Value

Mental Addition and Subtraction

Multiplic. & Div: Written Methods


Multiplic. & Division Problem Solving and Reasoning

Fraction and Dec. Prob. solving and Reasoning


Problem Solving and Reasoning

Fractions and Multiples



Place Value

Negative numbers

Order of operations

Problem Solving

Addition and sub.

Multiplic. & Division



Measures, Scales, 2D &3D Shapes

Data handling and statistics


Ratio and Proportion

Fracs & percents of amounts

Tests of divisibility

Inverse operations

Multi-step probs & Reasoning

Problem Solving and Reasoning


Curriculum Impact


In every Mathematics lesson, teachers mark books regularly to progress with their short-term planning. We offer the best possible support for all of our pupils, including our EAL children. Skills in Mathematics develop each year. 


Our staff use baseline assessments to regularly assess what the children know as the topic progresses and inform their future planning.


Assessment information is integral to our monitoring cycle.  Our monitoring cycle is developed at the beginning of each academic year.  Monitoring in Mathematics includes: lesson observations, book scrutinies and pupil voice.


Our Year 5 and 6 children had a visit from HMRC to talk about Tax.

Mathematics at Lawrence


Mathematics Learning Walk

Mrs. Taylor, our Chair of Governors and Mr. Keenan visited EYFS, KS1 and KS2 to see all of the wonderful mathematics going on at Lawrence.


They saw the children using all kinds of things to help them understand the things being taught in class. Mrs. Taylor was really impressed at how well our children could speak about their mathematics.

Assessment, Progress and the Curriculum for Mathematics at Lawrence

Curriculum Impact

Problem Solving using Oxford Brain Busters!

Trying to work out these problems is hard and really hurts your brain! It is worth it though when you can use your skills to solve them.

Dividing by 10 using counters from our number boxes

We made lots of decimals that resulted from dividing whole numbers into smaller parts.

More Division Skills

"My Maths"


We are using My Maths in school and each child has online access at home as well. If you need your password, please see your teacher or Mr. Keenan.


Click here to access MyMaths



Websites to Support Mathematics


Here are some more useful websites that will support you with your Mathematics at home.