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Funky Friday

Good morning everyone and welcome to 'Funky Friday'.

The weather has really changed now so let's start the day with a few rain songs:


Incy Wincy Spider

Rain Rain Go Away | Super Simple Songs


"Let's get funky": 

Play the 'Rain, rain, go away,' song again and use some household items to use as instruments to play along to the rhythm of the music. You could:

  • tap a plastic pot/ cup with a spoon
  • shake the cereal in the box
  • tap 2 pencils/ 2 spoons together
  • shake rice/ pasta in a cup or pot with a lid
  • clap your hands together.


Next try to play along with this song:

Play on your Instruments

Language and Literacy

Our book this week is 'The Duck in the Truck,' and the children have already completed a number of tasks around this book.

Today we are going to look at a story map I have drawn for this book.

(Please be kind about my drawings!!!)

Story maps summarise a story on 1 sheet of paper and give visual clues (pictures or symbols) to help children to remember the sequence of the story. This will help children to retell the story (with some help) using some key words/phrases.



Mini Maths


       square                     circle                    rectangle                 triangle



Look for the shapes in the pictures below.

  • How many circles are there on the lorry?
  • How many square windows does the bus have? 
  • Where are the triangles hiding?


The story today is about another shape- a star.

Children may need an adult to help explain why the little boy struggles to catch the star. 

How to Catch a Star - Oliver Jeffers

Have a good weekend.smiley