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At Lawrence we love reading. This is the place to add a review of a book you have read. Please speak to Mr. Belger if you have any questions. 

Title:101 children classics           Author: Various

This is a very nice book for a child up to the age of 8-15. It was a very peaceful  book and it is really fun to find all kinds of information  about different kinds of poets. On one of the pages is the actual way to say ‘jingle bells’.

Fact! You know that jingle bells’ original name was ‘One horse open sleigh,’ when first published in 1857?

I recommend that if you have children over 8 give him/her this book (it will be so much fun to read)

Nadia: Year 4

Manal’s Book Review

Frozen 2

The impression from the book’s title made me feel like there is going to be a new story with a critical and puzzling situation. The cover of the book makes me feel mysterious. On the other hand, the title of the book makes me feel curious. The images have Elsa and Anna posing while going somewhere.

The back of the book has a blurb which makes me want to read it with excitement and curiosity. The back also features the characters Christophe, Sven and Olaf under the blurb, which is also interesting.

The book is about a few familiar friends from Frozen. Elsa and Anna’s parents told them some stories about a spirit calling to them. Elsa and Anna is determined to end the quest their parents have started. The title of the book doesn’t really effect the whole story.

There is nothing about the author in the book. The mistakes are:   There is no briefing about the author; there are no page numbers.

I really recommend this for adventurous kids.


Manal: Year 4

Title: The famous five                                                  Author: Enid Blyton



This book is for anyone, any age!

You can also read any book up to 21.

Which is incredible.  Each book has a new problem or adventure so you can solve.

You also find out  different ways to solve the problem and also learn new facts.

Even adults can read these books. These books have lots of characters and also have book mark so you can stop where ever you want.

 They have different adventures like in the forest, jungle, ocean and more! All books titles are similar to the adventure. It’s so exiting when you don’t know  what book is next!

Alya: Year 4