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Funky Friday

Today is Funky Friday !

In our homes, we have knives, forks and spoons to eat our food. We can use spoons today to help us to learn. Play along with this song;

Bread and Butter with Rhythm Sticks (spoons) Storytime Chant- this song uses sticks in the video but we can use spoons


Now let's sing another song!

After exploring bubble play yesterday, we can sing along to a bubble song and use our fingers;


Bubble, Bubble Pop! Fun circle time song for kids!

"Bubble, Bubble Pop!" is a fun circle time song for babies, toddlers, kids! Lyrics: 1 little blue fish swimming in the water 1 little blue fish swimming in t...

Be sure to use our fingers to count the fish!

Language and Literacy

Rhyming words and rhymes!

Can we find things in our house which rhyme?

Hat and Mat

Jug and Mug

Tin and Bin

What others can you find?


Choose one of our rhymes to sing along with on the previous page when you press the ‘Songs’ button.


Mini Maths

Using the spoons again, - say a number for your child to tap the spoons the correct number of times.

tap 1, then 2, then 3 and so on. Make sure each number is said as the spoons are tapped.

Then ask your child to tap the numbers in a different order, 5, 2 and so on.

Challenge; Ask your child to tap the written number shown but not said.

Storytime  Choose your favourite story from the 'Storytime' button on the previous page. Enjoy!