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Good Morning Receptionheart.
Today is Friday 19th June 2020, the last day of the school week.
Scroll down for today's activitieswink.

Phonics Time

If your child is confident recognising all of the set 1 sounds, and can read words such as ship, king, bat, and clap, without any support, then click on the set 2 sounds icon.

If you want to practice more phonics, you can now play 'Dragon's Den.' blush

Chat on the Mat Time
Let's start today's Chat on the Mat activity with a quizwink, tell a grown up the answers.


1. What is a baby pig called?

2. What is a baby cow called?

3. What is a baby sheep called?

4. What is a baby duck called?


Well done!   Today, for our Chat on the Mat activity, we are going to play a matching gameyes. Look at the pictures below, all of the baby animals are lost on the farmsurprise, and they need your help to find their parents. In your busy books, draw each baby animal next to their parentyes

Super Challenge Time

Can you label your pictures? Write the animal name, and the baby animal name. Make sure you use your Fred fingers to help youlaugh, we have done one for you, to show you what to doyes.



Maths Time
Switch your Maths brains on Receptionlaugh. Let's start today's Maths activity by telling a grown up the times shown on the clocks below. Top Tipif the big hand is pointing at the 12, its an o'clock time, and if the big hand is pointing at the 6, its a half past timeyes.
Fantastic time telling!    Now, its time for 'Formation Friday' laugh. In your busy books, practice writing numbers from 1 all the way to 10. Listen to the video below to help you form each numberyes

Super Challenge Time
In your busy books, copy the number lines below, and fill in the missing numberswink
Top Tip: You will need to count in 1's, 2's or 10's.


1   2   __   __   5   6   __   __   9   __   
2   4   __   __   10   12   __   16   18   20

10   20   __   40   50   __   70   __   90   __

Surprise Time
After another busy week with our online learning, it's time for our weekly surprise timelaugh. Today, we are going to watch our new cartoon 'Big Barn Farm'. In this episode, the farm welcomes newly born kittens, and the gang must keep quiet all daysurprise, enjoy!

Spectacular Work Receptionlaugh.
We hope you have a fantastic weekend with your families.
Come back on Monday for even more busy work activitieswink.
Miss Dodgson & Mr Kirkbride.