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Make-it Monday

Welcome back to our class page. It feels like a really long time since we have been in school together but I am hoping you are having a good time at home and are enjoying the activities on our Nursery page. Your teachers miss you and would love to hear from you. Send us an email today to say hello and we will definitely send a reply.wink


Lets start our day with a song. Here is a new 'Days of the Week' song to learn: 

Days of the Week Song | The Singing Walrus

We are going to start a new topic today about 'Flowers and Plants Growing in the Spring'.


Today is 'Make-it Monday' so you could draw a picture of a flower in your 'Busy Book' with your school pencils or paints (if you have them).

You could also try to make a flower using things from your home:

  • turn a cereal box inside out and cut out a flower shape to colour.
  • ask your parent or older person to draw a big, simple flower shape for you to cut out. Be carefulfrown
  • draw with crayon or felt tip pen onto a paper tissue to make petals. Then attach to a straw or spoon for a stem. 
                                                                               I hope you like my flower. no or yes- What do you think?

Mini Maths

Whilst you are making/ drawing your flower, talk about the size of your flower: is it big/ small? Is it bigger/ smaller than a baked bean, your shoe, your Mum? 

Count how many petals you have drawn. Remember the counting rules:

  • Put the items in a line.
  • Touch each item with your finger, one at a time.
  • Say the number names slowly/ carefully- every time you touch a new item.

Language and Literacy

Share the story below. Initially, listening as the story is read to you and pausing to talk about the pictures and what is happening to the seed as the book progresses.


Plant the Tiny Seed | Read Aloud Children's Story Book


Next, read the story again later (or tomorrow) naming the things in the story:

  • ladybird              bee            worm           snail         butterfly
  • bud                    leaf            blossom
  • watering can      sun            cloud



Later, (or tomorrow), read the story again placing emphasis on the rhyming words in the book. (It may be easier to hear the rhyming words if you, the adult, read over the recorded reader to place more emphasis on the rhyme).

  • more  --  four
  • tail     --   snail
  • light   --   goodnight
  • flower --  shower
  • clip    --   snip
Let us finish today with our 'Song of the Week' :

Mary, Mary, quite contrary | Early Years - Nursery Rhymes