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Please Read Me!

Hello to all of our lovely boys & girls,


      Friday 17th July should have been our last day together in school and we should have been busy celebrating all of our hard work from the year. Unfortunately, the world went a bit crazy and our year together was very different than anything anyone could have expected. Though our time together in 2C and 2M was far too short we want you to know how proud we are of you. heart


     We miss you daily and we are hoping more than anything that you are happy, safe and healthy. Our memories of your smiles, stories, and antics bring us so much joy and we hope the memories that you have of our time together fill you with happiness too. laugh


     Each and every one of you are little Superheroes. We are SO proud of you and you should be proud of yourself too. Your resilience [resilience means - bouncing back after difficult times, dealing with challenges and still holding your head up, being able to cope when things go wrong] and your ability to adapt to extreme circumstances has amazed us, you're awesome. You have helped to keep people all over the world safe and healthy by staying at home and keeping yourselves, (especially your hands) clean - and whilst helping to save the world you've managed to keep learning too! You're fantastic!!! yes


      We miss the opportunity to be with you and learn together but while we are apart we hope your are learning with your family and appreciating this time together. The lovely memories you make during lockdown will be with you for a lifetime. We hope you are learning new things from each other even if we can't teach you. We really hope you are still having fun and being silly despite the craziness going on in our outside world.  wink


     It is very important to us that you know we haven't gone anywhere, your teachers are all still here for you and we will still be here for you and your families in September. We can't wait to see your happy, smiling faces again. Though our time in school together was far too short it was long enough for us learn how special each and every one of you are. We have loved being your teachers, helping you learn and watching you grow. We had so much fun together and learned so much before our school had to close. What a year! heart


     You will always be fondly remembered as our lovely boys and girls that we taught the year the world went mad in 2020. We will never forget you and these unusual times we shared together or how brave you all were.


     We wish you luck in your new classes and we are certain that if you continue to work as hard as you have that you are all destined for great things. Never forget that it's all about the climb. Set goals, have dreams, you can do anything!!!


We miss you, see you all soon.

Stay safe, happy and healthy.

Lots of love from your teachers,

Miss Collins, Mrs Marsden and Miss Fleet




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