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This week, we are continuing to teach children to listen carefully to sounds they can hear at the beginning of words.

It is important to note that we are focussing on listening to sounds and NOT letter shapes.


As we name the animals of the jungle, we will be emphasising the first sound of the animals name when we play 'I spy'.

For example, show children a small collection of animal toys, pictures or simple drawings and say "I spy the animal beginning with mmmmmm". Pause and then say, "mmmm monkey".

Try again with other animals, eg. sssss snake, llllll lion, e e e e e e elephant.

With practice, children will soon be able to tell you the animal beginning with sssss etc. 


We will be encouraging the children to use their voices to make the sounds of the jungle animals.

This song is a great way to encourage children to join in with actions and repeated phrases.

We will be making each animals sound as they watch their clothes,

eg, for the snake, we will sing ......."with a sss, ssss, a boogie, boogie, boogie..... that's the way he washes his clothes". 

Down in the Jungle

If you have time, you could watch the programme below with your child and talk about all the animals you see.

Mr Tumble Jungle Animals/ Cbeebies Something Special