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Funky Friday

Good Morning!

Today it is Funky Friday!


This week we are thinking about our beach topic. What do we need to go to the beach? What do we do on the beach? Let's clap along to this song whilst we think about it.


Children's Songs | IN THE SUMMER | Nursery Rhymes

As it’s Funky Friday, let’s move our bodies and do a Beach jive! Can you  join in and copy?

The Bruce Boogie Beach Dance Party


We are introducing children to the pictures that surrounds the letter shape as this will make it easier for children to remember more letters later.  

At this time, we want children to be able to say what they see and remember the names of the pictures so don't worry if they don't hear the sound at the start words yet. This will come later.

New pictures for today are :    insect      and      pirate

Mini Maths


The shapes are going to the beach today! Can you remember the shapes>

The Shapes Visit the Beach! 🏖 | Mister Maker

Can you see the real  shapes on the beach in this clip?

The Shapes | VIVASHAPES | Shapes In Real Life | Beach Adventure. videos for kids

Can you find real shapes around your house or outside? Which ones are they?

Help your child to say the shapes.  Help your child to count them.



The shapes can be drawn on the beach in the sand like this.

Learn Shapes | Shapes for Children | Shapes on the beach

Challenge; Your child can go on to draw the shapes in their busy book if they would like to.


Now it is time for a story. 

Here is another story about Kipper going to the beach

Kipper and Tiger go to the beach.

Kipper the Dog

We hope that your child has enjoyed these activities and that you are all safe and well. We would love to hear from you. The teachers are missing you all.