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Hello, my name is Marlene Taylor, and I am the Chair of the Governing Body at Lawrence.


The governors have started this page to give us the chance to keep all our parents and families better updated with the work the governors do on your behalf to help ensure that our school gives your children the best possible education we can.


Here we are again, I am getting better at using the internet and the computer.  As usual I have attended a lot of courses, some more interesting than others, but they all need attention.   The GB has been reconstituted as was required by Law to be in place by Sept 2015.  All this meant was that we had to shuffle the positions about so as not to lose any of our numbers.  Being involved with the school through the GB can be taxing, but also rewarding in knowing that you are involved with the future generations.


I am in the office every Tuesday if anyone wishes to talk to me about anything not just being a governor, and not necessarily a parent governor.  We are always on the look-out for people who have skills that can be used on the GB.  It is not all left to chance there is plenty of training on offer.  We buy in to the LEA and we also have a service level agreement the an independent company.  New to us this year are learning walks were a small group of governors spend a few hours within the structures of the school day looking at a particular subject area.  I myself have done this in Foundation and Key Stage 1 for SEN.  I am due to do KS2 this term.


Bye for now!





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