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Year 5 Maths

Place Value

Bamzooki Place Value

Number System Machine

Make the LARGEST number

Place Value Puzzler 

Toon University

Crickweb links



Finding Prime Factors

Looking at Percentages

Looking at Fractions

Comparing Fractions

Comparing Fractions 2 

Estimating Percentages

Dick and Dom Decimals

What are Decimals? 

Bamzooki Fractions

Testing Fractions 

What are Fractions?

Dick and Dom Percentages

Fraction Quiz

What are Percentages?

Decimal Quiz

Wise Park Percentages

Fraction Game

Percentage Game

Decimal Squares

Chicken Coop Fractions

Fraction Monkeys



Perimeter and Area

Shape Surveyor 


The House that Math built

Area Explorer

Perimeter Explorer



Build your own shed

Timetable differences

Bamzooki Measurement

What is Measurement? 

Mission 2110 Time

Dynamo Den Clockwise

Matching Time

Weighing Parcels



Jack the Builder

Tell the Time

Difference between 2 times

Weigh it up

Crazy Clock

Train times


Addition and Subtraction

Bargain Hunt

Mental Maths Fridge Magnets

Problem Solving

The Change Game

The Conveyor Belt


Addition Machine

Number Bonds

Subtraction Machine

Speed Grid Challenge

Speed Grid Challenge 2

Speed Grid Challenge 3

Mission 2110 Add and Subtract Game

Speed up your addition

Add and Subtract Quiz

Repair the Slide

Subtracting 2 digits

Subtracting 3 digits

Adding 3 digits

100 Hunt

Count on Convict

Take Away Targets

Techno Tortoise

Fish Bowl

Sum Sense single digit subtraction

Rags to Riches (American version of “Who Wants to be a Millionaire?”)

Addition Game


Multiplication and Division

Finding Prime Factors


Conveyor Belt Multiplication 

Conveyor Belt Division

Amoeba Multiplication

4 rules missing digits

nrich division (press “Start”)

Maths Magician Division

Division – Play

Bamzooki Multiplication and Division

Bracket Basics

Prime and Composite Numbers

Multiplication Facts

Spitfire Tables

Matching Numbers

Table Times

Mr Monkey Tables

Learn your Tables