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Update from Mr. Rigby for children starting on Monday 6th July

Dear Y1M parents,

As you will know from our website, and Twitter, Miss Miles’  class will start attending school on Monday to Thursday next week but not on Friday (as their classrooms will be closed for extra cleaning).

Y1M will be kept separate in 3 ‘bubbles’ with one teacher to no more than 10 children in their own ‘bubble’ in their own room. They will be kept separate in class and on the yard, have their own equipment and have staggered starting and leaving times so that each ‘bubble’ operates separately and independently. Please drop off and pick up from the KS1 gate on Callow Road

As usual we expect parents to organise an adult to pick up and drop off each child. Each adult and child will be met at the gate at the beginning and end of the day. Your child’s attendance will be registered and on the first day you will be asked to sign that you have read and understood the home school agreement below which makes a few amendments to our normal policies during the Covid outbreak.

If you have any questions please e-mail Miss Miles at  or the school office at or give the school a ring.

Thank you,

Mr Rigby