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Parent/Carers of Current Year 1 Pupils-


During your child’s reception year in school they would have been offered via the school health service a screening of height/weight/hearing/vision, however due to Covid and national direction screenings were paused.


We have worked in partnership with education and had planned to visit your child’s school in Jan 2021 to offer their screening. However due to current National Restrictions and Schools remote learning we are unable at present to complete this programme.


In the meantime, if you have any concerns regarding your child height/weight/hearing/vision you can contact your school nurse via the school nurse referral form accessible from your school.

We have provided some signs/symptoms that will help you identify if your child does require a referral rather than wait for the screening programme.



  • Concerns of squint.  Eyes look crossed, turn out, or don't focus together
  • Family history of wearing glasses in childhood
  • Drooping eyelid
  • Holding things close to see them.
  • Getting close to the tv.
  • Complaining of reduced vision.
  • Complaining of frontal headaches.
  • Complaining of double vision
  • Closing one eye.
  • Screwing both eyes up.
  • Short attention span with sustained close work.
  • Not recognising people in the distance.
  • Rubbing eyes, one or both.
  • Frequent trips and falls.
  • White or cloudy pupil



  • Does not respond when called
  • Constantly asks for speech to be repeated
  • Watches faces/lips intently
  • Doesn’t always follow instructions straightaway
  • Often misunderstands or ignores instructions
  • Makes little or no contribution to group discussions
  • Watches what others are doing before doing it themselves
  • Complains about not being able to hear
  • Tires easily
  • Appears inattentions or as though day dreaming
  • Plays alone and doesn’t engage with group social activities
  • Becomes easily frustrated


We would also like to sign post you towards the NDCS website, which has a wealth of useful information.