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Last week we began to introduce children to pictures, which will help them to learn letter shapes and sounds.

Initially it is important for children to recognise the picture that surrounds the letter shape.

Learning to name the picture will make it easier for children to remember all of the letters later.


Let's practice naming the pictures from last week:



Play a game of 'Fred-Talk/ Say the word' at the beach.

Adult says, 'h-a-t'. Child says, 'h-a-t.........hat'.

Adult says, 's-u-n'. Child says, 's-u-n.........sun'.

Adult says, 'c-r-a-b'. Child says, 'c-r-a-b.........crab'.

Adult says, 's-a-n-d'. Child says, 's-a-n-d.........sand'.



There are 6 more pictures for you to learn this week.

It is best to introduce new pictures one-at-a-time.


By learning to quickly name the pictures on the cards children will develop skills to hear the initial sounds in words and start to recall the pictures to remember sounds of letters later.

Warning- make sure children say "net"- NOT "football" or "ball".


                         "orange"                                                               "net"


                     "umbrella"                                                     "girl"

                      "caterpillar"                                           "boot"

Play the game below.

Can you name the pictures as they are shown?

How many pictures can you name correctly?