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Literacy and Language (Activity 1)

Talk to your child about the cars, buses, bikes, taxi that they might see as you walk to and fro school.

Look at the colours of cars as well as comparing sizes.

Point out the numbers on car number plates.

(Activity 2)

Look at the pictures below and name and talk about each of the pictures.

Point out similarities and differences and any interesting features.

Ask children if they have seen these things before. Where? When? 

Try to extend children's vocabulary and language skills. For example,

  • if your child says,"big truck", 
  • you could say, "yes, it's called a monster truck." Or, "yes, the monster truck has very big wheels."


Language and Literacy/ Phonics (Activity 3)

Choose 4 of the pictures above with different initial sounds

(eg. car, bus, scooter, taxi).

Check your child knows the name of each of the pictures.

Next, play a game of 'I spy...' emphasising the initial sound of the word, saying, "I spy with my little eye something beginning with ......c..."

Phonics (Activity 4)


We will be playing 'Fred Talk/ Say the Word'. We are going to break up/ segment a word for them to spell/ blend the sounds together quickly to say the word, eg.

b----u----s,        b---u---s,      b---u---s,       b--u--s,     b-u-s,        bus  

c----o----r,        c---o---r,        c---o---r,        c--o--r,       c-o-r,        car

v----a----n,        v---a---n,      v---a---n,        v--a--n,     v-a-n,       van

b----e----l,          b---e---l,      b---e---l,         b--e--l,      b-e-l,        bell