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Developing Comprehension Skills

Watch the video clip below with your child.

Pause it at intervals to talk about the different animals shown.

At the end of the clip, ask your child a few simple questions;

  • which pets have fur for you to stroke?
  • where does a fish live?
  • what pet has no legs?
  • which pet says, "meow"?

Challenge- can your child ask you a question about pets?

Begin the question for them by saying; "Do you remember what.............?"

House Pets

Let's play a phonics game- matching initial sounds, eg. 

  • cat has a cup
  • rabbit has a ring
  • fish has a flower
  • dog has a drum 
  • mouse has a mirror

Draw simple pictures of the animals and items listed.

Then mix them.

Ask the children to find the matching picture for each pet.

Improving Listening Skills (following instructions), Descriptive Language and Pencil Control (continued)

This week, children will be following verbal instructions and using descriptive language to paint a picture of their favourite pet.

  • All pet shapes will begin in the same way with a round head shape and round body shape attached next to the head.
  • Children will choose from the pets below and add details particular to the specific pet:
  1. a cat will have pointed ears, whiskers and a long, wiggly tail
  2. a dog will have 4 legs, floppy ears, big round nose and a short tail
  3. a mouse will be small, have 4 feet, whiskers and a long tail
  4. a fish will have fins and a tail 
  5. a rabbit will have 2 big ears, whiskers and a small, round, fluffy tail

Phonics- Let's play 'Fred-talk/ Say the word'

Today, Fred is hungry and is looking for some food in the kitchen.

He finds some....... "mm-----i-----lll------k". Repeat and blend "m----i-----l-----k". Children say, "milk".

He finds some....... "a---  --p-------l". Repeat and blend "a----p-----l". Children say, "apple".

He finds some....... "b--  -r-----e----d". Repeat and blend "b----r-----e----d". Children say, "bread".

He wants some....... "ch----i------p-----s". Repeat and blend "ch----i-----p----s". Children say, "chips".

He wants some....... "c-----A-------k". Repeat and blend "c----A-----k". Children say, "cake".