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Our rhyme this week is 'I'm a little teapot'.

I'm A Little Teapot

Throughout Nursery children have been exploring sounds and words, joining in with songs and rhymes and sharing lots of stories.

Some children are beginning to hear the different sounds in words eg. saying,   "cat starts with c", "b-b-b-ball", as well as hearing the sound at the start of children's names eg. "mmmmm Mohamed ".


Here are some listening games you can play with your child at home:

Game 1

Tell your child you are playing a game and when you talk you are going to break a word into chunks. The challenge is for your child to push the sounds together to hear the word eg.

  • "go and get your c-oa-t"
  • "you can play with your b-u-l" (ball)
  • "we are going to the sh-o-p-s"
  • "you will have a b-a-th".

Game 2

Make a collection of objects that begin with the same sound. eg.

  • 'ssssssss' objects might be a sock, a spoon, a stick, a strawberry. 
  • 'c c c c c' objects might be a toy car, a carrot, a cup, a cake.  

(You could draw a simple picture on a small piece of paper if you don't have the real object).

Name the objects with your child.

Next, mix up the object/ pictures.

Ask your child to put all the things that start with the 'sssss' sound together.

Ask your child to put all the things that start with the 'c c c c c c' sound together.

This game is tricky and will need to be repeated for children to focus and develop their listening skills.

On 'Taste-it Tuesday' we will be emphasising the 'b' sound at the start of the words 'beans', 'bread' and 'butter' and will be looking for other items/ toys/ pictures of things beginning with 'b', eg. bed, ball, book, bag.

Game 3

As you walk home from school, you could play a game of 'I spy..' looking at the things around you,

eg. "I spy with my little eye something that is red"...................a car? a post box?

  • "I spy with my little eye something beginning with b b b b"...................a ball? a boy?
  • "I spy with my little eye something very tall"...................a ladder? a house? a lamp-post?