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Children need to have a good vocabulary so that they can use their phonics knowledge effectively.

Specific speaking and listening activities as well as simply talking with children will support language development and children's vocabulary.


  • Watch the clip below and talk with your child about what they can see.
  • Talk about the ways the baby is changing.
  • Look at photographs of your child when they were a baby and talk about the things they did when they were smaller/ younger.  

Baby Growth 1 to 12 Months


This week we will be listening for sounds at the start of words and looking at collections of pictures and objects that all begin with the same sound Eg. cat, carrot, cake, cup.

Here is a phonics challenge for your child this week. Ask your child to: 

  • say your name 
  • can you hear the first sound in your name?
  • can you make that sound a few times?
  • can you think of 2 more words that start with the same sound as your name?
  • SUPER CHALLENGE- can you think of 5 more words?
  • can you find 1 thing in your house that starts with the same sound as the first sound in your name?

Your child might need lots of support with this initially and may need you to do this, showing them how to say the words and emphasising the first sound.

With practice, your child will build listening skills and confidence to do this with less support.