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Language and Literacy

In our topic of 'Houses and Homes', here is a story about a family of bears whose house is so noisy that Daddy Bear finds it impossible to sleep. 

Peace at Last by Jill Murphy


When you have finished the story, walk around your home and listen for different sounds in each of the rooms.

  • Did you hear a clock? Which room did you hear it?
  • Did you hear water running? Which room did you hear it?
  • Did you hear the door bell? Which room did you hear it?
  • Did you hear talking? Who was it? Which room did you hear it?
  • What sounds can you hear in the kitchen? 

Here is another listening game.

Listen carefully to the clip below and see if you can recognise and name the sounds you hear.



Listening Game- Sounds around the Home


Helping children to develop their memory skills, will help them to recall letter shapes and letter sounds later.


Kim's Game is a great way for children to develop memory/ recall skills:

  • Choose a selection of 6 objects from different rooms in your home. 
  • Talk to your child about each object, one at a time, as you place each object on a tray or towel.
  • Talk about the rooms where you collected each object eg. pan from the kitchen, toothbrush from the bathroom etc.
  • Then give your child time to look at the tray/ towel.
  • Once he/she has had time to look, cover the tray with a tea towel and take an object away.
  • Ask your child which object is missing.


If your child struggles to recall the missing object, give a little description as you show it.

Try again with only 4 objects.


Challenge - try playing with 10 objects on the tray or towel.