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This week we will be continuing to encourage careful listening and develop children's listening skills. 

Continue to give children simple instructions eg. "go and get your shoes/ socks/ toy car/ book" etc.

Play a listening game:

Tell your child you are going to pretend you are a robot and they must listen to your robot voice.

  • Place a plain coloured towel (to focus their attention) on the floor.
  • Place a small number of objects on top eg. a cup, a sock, a hat, a spoon. 
  • Name the objects as you place them.
  • Use your robot voice and say, "Pick up the    c----u-----p.      Pause.     Repeat, "c--u--p.  
  • Repeat, "c--u--p. Continue to repeat, saying the sounds closer together until you are almost saying the word, 'c-u-p'.
  • Encourage your child to say it with you so that they can blend the sounds together to say the word.
  • Replace the cup on the blanket and repeat for the other objects.


You could use your robot voice at other times in the day. eg, "we need to get your c- oa -t", "it's time for a b--a--th", "let's read your b--oo--k".

Our story this week is 'We're Going On A Bear Hunt'.

Please read the story below with your child, joining in with the repeated phrases. Encourage your child to join in as they get to know the story.

Joining in with the repeated phrases in the book and making the sounds throughout the different stages of the story helps to prepare children for learning letter sounds in phonics later. 


'We're Going on a Bear Hunt' by Michael Rosen and Helen Oxenbury

Use the story-map below to help your child to remember the sequence of the adventure so that they can tell the story.

The top line represents the repeated phrase:

"We're going on a bear hunt"  (eyes looking)

"We're going to catch a big one"   (drawing of a big bear)

"What a beautiful day"  (sunshine)

"We're not scared" (shaking child, crossed out as NOT SCARED).

The wavy line/ path is the sequence of the story ie. starting at home, then through the grass, next the river, then the mud etc...all the way to the cave and the BIG BEAR!

Don't forget to run back through the different places and snuggle in bed at home.