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Ofsted / Statutory Info

School Contact Details
School name All available on the Contact page
Postal address
Telephone number
Name of person who deals with enquiries
Pupil Premium
Details of how the pupil premium was spent in the previous academic year All available in the 
Pupil Premium Grant Expenditure 2019 - 2020
document (PDF link)
The impact of the previous years expenditure
Amount of pupil premium allocation for the current year
A summary of the main barriers to achievement faced by eligible pupils
How the grant will be spent to address those barriers and the reasoning behind this strategy 
How the impact will be measured
The date of the next review of the pupil premium strategy 
PE and Sport Premium (Primary Schools)
How much funding you received

All available in the 
PE and School Sport Funding 2020 - 2021
documents (PDF links)

Details of how you have spent or will spend the funding
The effect of the funding on participation and attainment
How you’ll make sure these improvements are sustainable
For each academic year, the content of the curriculum for each subject

Curriculum Overview Maps

Curriculum Implementation

Curriculum Sticky Knowledge

Details of how to obtain additional information on the curriculum

Information in the Welcome Page

2021-24 Improvement Plan

2018-21 Improvement Plan

For Key Stage 1, the names of any phonics or reading schemes in operation

Our Phonics Schemes

Admission arrangements for each relevant age group at the school Admission Policy (PDF)
Details of any arrangements for selection
Details of any over-subscription criteria
An explanation of the process of applying for a school place
If the local authority decides admissions, write that parents should contact them to find out about your admissions arrangements
Policies and other information
Behaviour policy

Anti-Bullying / Anti-Racism Policies (PDFs)

Statement of values and ethos  Welcome Page
Charging and remissions policy Charging and Remissions Policy (PDF)
Complaints procedure Complaints Policy (PDF)
SEN information report SEN Information Report (PDF)
Link to your most recent Ofsted report

Ofsted Report - March 2014 (PDF)

Ofsted Report - July 2018

Link to your most recent Key Stage (KS) 2 or KS4 results (from the DfE’s performance tables) 

KS2 Performance Tables (DfE Website)

Achievement at Lawrence 2015 - 2016  (PDF)

Achievement at Lawrence 2016 - 2017 (PDF)

Achievement at Lawrence 2017 - 2018 (PDF)

Achievement at Lawrence 2018 - 2019 (PDF)






A link to the schools and colleges performance tables
Governance information
The structure and remit of the governing body, members, board of trustees, its committees and local governing bodies, and the names of the chair of each (as applicable) This information is available on the
Governors page
Each governor/member/trustee/local governor’s full name (as applicable)
Each governor /member/trustee/local governor’s date of appointment (as applicable)
Each governor/member/trustee/local governor’s term of office and date when he or she stepped down (as applicable)
Name of the body which appointed him/her 
Register of interests
Each governor/trustee/local governor’s attendance record at governing body/board/committee/local governing body meetings (as applicable)