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Mini Maths

Number Order

When at home children can practice saying number names in order as they step on each step going up the stairs at home:

Children could also try saying the number names, counting back from 10 as they step on each stair coming down the stairs.

Practice counting back with 'Count Back Cat' in the clip below:.


Count Back from 10 with the Count Back Cat!

Careful Counting

  • Put objects in a line (either physically moving objects or looking at pictures/ symbols in a line on the paper/ screen)
  • Touch each object one-at-a-time as you count
  • Say number names in order

Number challenge: As well as counting, you could ask:

  • which is more? trees or clouds?
  • which is taller? child or umbrella?
  • if 2 more children came to play, how many children would there be?
  • How many ice-creams would you need to buy for every child to have an ice cream?

Super number challenge:

How many ice-creams would you need to buy for 4 children and 2 mums?

If you make 5 sandcastles and put 2 shells on each sandcastle- how many shells would you use? (You might need to draw a picture to help solve these puzzles).

Shape Play