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Mini Maths

Number Order


1     2     3     4     5     6     7     8     9      10


  • Say the number names 1-10
  • Point to each numeral as you say the number names 1-10 
  • Then, play the game: 'What comes next?...' (or 1 more)

Adult says number string, eg.  "1  2  3  4.." then pauses for child to say 5, 

Adult says number string, eg.  "3  4  5  6.." then pauses for child to say 7,

Adult says number string, eg.  "5  6  7  8.." then pauses for child to say 9.

To make a bit easier- start each number string at number 1, eg, "1 2 3 4".....5"  OR       "1 2 3 4 5 6 7"......."8"

Challenge- adult says only 2 or 3 numbers before pausing for child to continue, eg. "3  4"......"5" 


Talk about each of the pictures below. What are the people doing?

Then count how many people you can see in each picture.

Remember to count carefully- touch each person and say the numbers clearly.

Which photograph has 2 people? 6 people? 4 people? 3 people?

Challenge- how many people are there altogether in all the pictures?

Can you count and find the correct number?


In the last few weeks we were looking at/ searching for circles, squares and rectangles. This week we will be talking about triangles.

Show your child the pictures below and talk about the shapes.

A triangle has 3 pointed corners and 3 straight sides.

Triangles are a tricky shape to find around the home.

Look at the triangles in the pictures below: