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Mini Maths

We have been looking at the numbers   

1          2         3

This week we are looking at number   


Look around the classroom and your home to see if you can find the number 4

Counting Activity

  • Draw a rabbit onto the side of an empty paper bag or empty food/cereal box (shown below).
  • Make some paper carrots or cut some orange paper/card or slice some real carrot circles
  • Ask children to feed the rabbit the correct amount- eg, give the rabbit 6 carrots. Children might need help to stop at 6.


  • Place the carrots in front of the rabbit and ask children, "how many carrots does the rabbit have?"
  • You could add some more carrots and ask, "how many now?"
  •  You could take away some more carrots and ask, "how many now?"

Counting and Using Positional Language

Look at the picture below and talk about the hiding rabbits, using language such as on, in, behind, next to...