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Mini Maths

Children will be playing with teapots and cups in Nursery this week, exploring capacity, filling and emptying containers.


The easiest way to do this at home is to give children empty plastic bottles/ cups/ containers to play with whilst they are in the bath.


  • Talk to your child as they play, looking at which containers are full, empty, half-full.
  • Encourage them to pour carefully, trying not to spill.
  • Ask questions as they play, eg. "how many cups does it take to fill the large bottle?"


Explain to the children that now that they are bigger and getting ready for Reception, they can do 'adding'.

Addition for younger children is simply counting 2 groups altogether. 


Put a collection of same objects together eg. spoons or socks or pencils.

Separate into 2 sets eg. 4 in a group and 2 in another group.

Count separately.

Next push the two groups together and ask,"how many now?"

Count the new larger group and say, "there are 6 altogether".

Repeat the activity with different amounts and totals no bigger than 6.  


Physically moving objects and counting altogether is the best way to understand simple addition.

Remind your child to practice careful counting:

  • put the objects in a line
  • touch each item one-at-a-time
  • say the number names slowly (one number for each object).