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Mini Maths

We will be counting lots of food and fruits this week and attaching the correct number to the group.


We will be solving number problems adding 2 groups of fruits together to find out how many there are altogether, eg.

  • 4 bananas and 3 apples = 7 fruits altogether
  • 2 oranges and 6 strawberries = 8 fruits altogether

We will be solving number problems taking food away, eg.

  • If there are 5 cakes and I eat 2. How many are left?
  • If there are 6 grapes and I eat 4. How many are left?

Watch the clip below and join in counting and taking 1 finger away each time, as demonstrated in the song:

Five Fat Sausages

Numbers Song 1-10

We will be looking at the numerals 1 and 2, teaching the shape of those numerals so that ALL children can recognise the numbers.