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Mini Maths

Children have been developing their counting skills throughout their time in Nursery, initially counting smaller sets of objects and then larger groups.

Ask your child to count a group of objects at home every day this week. Below are some ideas of things you could count but you can count anything at all:

  • spoons in the drawer
  • coats on the hook
  • toys (as your child plays)
  • cars parked in your street


Children will be given a number line to take home this week.

Say the numbers in order, pointing to the numbers as you say them.

Next, please put the number line in a prominent place, at your child's eye-level, where your child will see it everyday, eg. on the fridge, or on their bedroom wall or door.

This will help them to become more familiar with the shapes of the numerals.


Encourage your child to join in with the song below, saying the names of the numbers as you see them.

Counting 1-10 Song