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After using pasta and rice to make their rattle/ shakers on Monday, the children will be playing with dried pasta shapes filling and emptying containers this week.

They will be talking about 'full' and 'empty' containers and making lots of comparisons.

We will be counting the pasta in bigger/ smaller containers and comparing bigger/ smaller numbers.

This is easy to repeat at home and will not only support children's counting and maths understanding but will also help their hand strength and finger control, as they pour, stir/ mix and pick up small pieces of pasta in their 'pinching' fingers.


You could also let children practice pouring, emptying and filling containers, by giving them empty plastic cups and bottles to play with whilst they are in the bath.smiley


Learning Numbers 1-10

It is important for children to know the number names in order so that they can count accurately.

Join in with the song below, looking at the shapes of the numerals as you say the number names.


Can your child tell you the names of the numbers in order?

Can they tell you the number name if you point to them out of order?

Numbers Song 1-10