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Mini Maths

Our Maths work, this week, will be around the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears.


Comparison of Sizes

Look at the 3 pictures below and talk about the different sizes:

  • saying which is biggest and which is smallest
  • saying which is bowl is smaller than .....
  • saying which bed is bigger than .....


Look around your house and compare items eg. different size spoons, shoes, coats etc.

Comparison- more/less

Look at the pictures below and compare the different bowls, talking about:

  • which bowl is biggest and which bowl is smallest
  • which bowl has the most food
  • which bowl is smallest and has less food

Comparison- Capacity

Look at the pictures below and compare the different cups and glasses, talking about:

  • which cup is biggest and which cup is smallest
  • which glass is full and has the most milk
  • which is glass is half full and has less milk
  • which glass is empty and has no milk
TOP TIP- Playing with empty plastic cups or plastic bottles in the bath, pouring the water from one bottle to another, is a great way for children to explore which container has more/ less.
DON'T FORGET- say the names of the numbers every time your child goes up the stairs, remembering to say 1 number for each step, counting as you go.