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This week we are continuing to solve number problems.

Look and talk about the pictures below. 

Tell your child they are going to be 'number detectives' to solve the problem. Then give the instruction: 

  • find the group that has the most snowmen (more). 
  • find the group that has the least snowmen (less).
  • find the group that has 2 snowmen / 7 snowmen / 5 snowmen


Can your child count 2 groups of snowmen? How many altogether?

Can your child count all the snowmen in the three groups? How many altogether?

Can you connect the hats to the matching gloves below?
Playing with Number and Quantity:

Count out a group of 6 objects (spoons/ socks/ pasta shapes/ pencils).

Explain that you are going to play with 6 'spoons'.  

  • Separate the 5 'spoons' into 2 groups (2 and 3,  then later 4 and 1)- making the point that there are always 5 as we are only playing with 5 'spoons'.
  • Put the 5 'spoons' behind your back and ask, "How many are hiding behind my back?"


Playing with objects in this way will give your child an opportunity to:

  • make comparisons and say which is ‘more’ and ‘a lot’.
  • say number names in order when counting how many objects are in the group.
  • compares two groups of objects, saying when they have the same number.
  • separate a group of  four or five objects in different ways, beginning to recognise that the total is still the same.