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Number songs help children to remember the correct order of numbers when counting. Encourage your child to sing along with the number song below:

Counting 1 to 10 and Counting Back 10-1

This week we are going to look at solving number problems.

Look and talk about the pictures below. 

Tell your child they are going to be 'number detectives' to solve the problem. Then give the instruction: 

  • find the group that has the most toys (more). 
  • find the group that has the least toys (less).
  • find the group that has 3 toys / 8 toys / 6 toys


Solving number problems is something you can easily include in your day-to-day activities at home-

  • putting matching socks together
  • sharing sweets so children have the same amount
  • giving Mum or Dad the biggest piece of cake
  • how many bowls/ plates/ spoons will we need for meal-time? (1 for each person) 
  • If everyone can have 2 biscuits/ pieces of apple each, how many will we need?