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Mini Maths

As part of our topic, playing and exploring toy cars this week, we will be sorting and matching according to size and colour.

If you're at home, you could look out of the window at the cars parked nearby or cars driving past. 

  • Name the colours of the cars and look out for smaller/ larger cars.
  • Count the cars you can see. 

If you go out for a walk, notice and talk about the cars and buses you see (either parked or driving past).

Singing number songs will help children to remember the correct order of number names necessary for counting :

Ten little numbers | car song

Try some careful counting with the activity sheets below.

Point accurately at each picture as you say the number name when you count.

Can your child remember some of the numerals?

​​​​​​​Can he/she point to the numerals 1  2   3  on the cars below?

Can he/she point to the car with the correct numeral on it as you count the cars together?


Squares (Die-Cut Board Book)| Read Aloud Children's Book