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June 16th Covid-19 Update from Mr. Rigby

Dear parents,

I am happy to say that in line with Liverpool’s advice and DFE guidance from next week 22nd June, we are extending our opening to welcome some of our Y6 children.

All next week the children who are currently eligible to attend our provision, vulnerable pupils and children of key workers, should attend as usual in the Reception classes and gain access from the Reception yard from Monday to Friday.

Mr Williams’ class will now also be able to attend on Monday to Thursday that week but not on Friday, as their classrooms will be closed for extra cleaning.

The class will be kept separate in 3 ‘bubbles’ with one teacher to no more than 10 children in their own ‘bubble’ in their own room. Each ‘bubble’ will operate separately and independently. They will be kept separate in classes, on the yard and have their own equipment as well as having staggered starting and leaving times.

The families of Y6W will be contacted personally over the next couple of days with further information. Next week Y6O will be invited to attend for the four days Monday to Thursday, the following week starting the 29th June.

The two Y6 classes will rotate on a week on, week off basis until guidance or situations change and we will keep you up to date with any further changes or any wider openings or necessary closures. We have already started planning for how we might open in September and I will keep you as up-to-date as  I can whilst we are waiting on further guidance from Liverpool and the DFE.

I ask all parents to read the home school agreement below which makes a few amendments to our normal policies during the Covid outbreak. All families will be asked to sign the form on the morning their child starts back to school.

Thanks for all your help,

Mr. Rigby


The school will do its best to:

  • Provide an environment which has been risk assessed in response to the COVID-19 infection;

  • Adhere to the social distancing rules as set out by the government as much as we reasonably can;

  • Provide a curriculum that meets the needs of your child’s well-being, mental health and academic needs;

  • Contact parents/carers if your child displays symptoms of COVID-19;

  • Inform you if staff or children in your child’s ‘bubble’ show symptoms of COVID-19 as this will mean you will all need to self-isolate for at least 14 days or until the test comes back negative;

  • Continue our clear and consistent approach to rewards and sanctions for children as set out in the Behaviour Policy as well the expectations outlines in this agreement;

  • Communicate between home and school through Google Classroom, Dojo, letters, email and the school website;


To help my child at school, I know and understand that:

  • If my child, or anyone in my household, shows symptoms of COVID-19, I will not send them to school, we will self-isolate for 14 days as a family, I will get them tested and I will let the school know as soon as possible via telephone;

  • If my child, or another child in the group, shows symptoms of COVID-19 at school, I will collect my child from school immediately;

  • On my commute, and when dropping my child off and picking them up, I will adhere to the 2 metre social distancing rules.

  • When dropping off and picking up, I will strictly stick to the school timings for my child;

  •  My child must not bring any items into school with them or take items home from school ; (except for a named water bottle and if needed, a packed lunch);

  •  My child will have their temperature taken if they feel or present as being unwell

  • I will need to remind my child about social distancing rules but accept they are difficult to follow and that my child may not always do this successfully;

  • My child will need to use good respiratory and hand hygiene;

  •  I will not be allowed into the school without a pre arranged appointment – make appointments via telephone or email;

  • I need to support all staff in their efforts to create an ‘as safe as possible’ environment during this pandemic;

  • I will read all letters/messages/emails that are sent home;

  • I need to inform the school immediately of any changes to parents/carer and emergency contacts details.

  • If my child is deemed unsafe, he/she will be sent home and cannot return to school until they can be safe



Pupils; I will do my best to:

  • Adhere to the social distancing rules in class and in the playground;

  • Stay in my group all day;

  • Tell an adult if I feel unwell;

  • Not bring things into school from home, or take things home from school; (except my named water bottle and if I need one, my packed lunch).

  • Only use the equipment provided to me by school and no other;

  • Not mix with any other children in the school;

  • Only enter and exit the school building from the designated gate;

  • Follow good respiratory hygiene: coughing and sneezing into elbow or tissue (catch it-bin it-kill it);

  • Follow good hand hygiene – use soap and water for 20 seconds/ hand sanitiser;

  • Behave well at all times to maintain the safety of myself and others;

  • Follow these expectations and know that if I don’t, I will be sent home and will not be able to come back into school until I can be safe.