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Fun-day Focus

Today we are going to draw a beach ball.

You need to have strong fingers to hold a pencil or a pen to draw. 

Join in with the actions below to exercise your fingers, ready for drawing:

NEW WARM UP - Magic Fingers

How To Draw A Beach Ball With Templates

If you are feeling brave and would like a super-challenge, you could try drawing a sandcastle:

How To Draw A Sandcastle

Taste-it Tuesday

Children will be making sandwiches today to eat at a Nursery Picnic (hopefully we will have dry weather).  

  • Sharing an experience, eating together outside at the picnic, helps children to develop a sense of belonging and also creates a memory we can talk about later.
  • Children will also develop finger stregth and dexterity as they use a knife to spread butter or jam or cheese spread onto the bread to make their sandwich.
  • They can fold/ cut into square, rectangle or triangle shapes. 

Wiggle Wednesday

Here are a selection of a few of our favourite dances from the year:

I Can Move My Body Like Anything

I Like To Move It

The Cha Cha Slide Dance

Waka Waka

Thrilling Thursday

Today our thrill is going to be using our fingers and hands. Let’s first sing the song we sing in nursery, Tommy Thumb.



Make Your Own Salt Tray

Turn writing practice into a sensory experience with these easy-to-create salt trays! With multiple color and scent options available, this fun activity offers the benefit of engaging all the senses while your child practices a critical skill. Ready to get writing?


• 1 set of letter cards (pages 5-17)

• Table salt

• Colour and scent additives (Chocolate Salt Tray 1 cup salt ½ cup of cocoa powder (no extra colour/fragrance needed or instead of chocolate powder, use a drop of essential oil to give a perfumedsmell )

• Shallow container such as a baking pan, jelly roll pan, or box lid


Pour the salt mixture into a baking pan, jelly roll pan, or other shallow container. Using a colored container makes the shape of the letter stand out better as it is drawn in the salt. If a colored container is not available, cover the bottom of the container with construction paper.


Allow your child to play with the salt enjoying the feel of the grains running through their fingers and making straight and swirly shapes as they like.



Ideas for using your salt tray if your child can.

• Write in the salt tray with the pointer finger of the dominant hand.

• Gently shake the salt tray to “erase” letters.

• Try placing a lowercase letter card next to the salt tray as a visual reference. Your child can write the letter in the salt.

Watch these children making patterns on the sand when they go to the beach.

Kids playing on the beach. They drawing funny shapes in sand

Funky Friday

A Sailor Went To Sea


Now we'll have fun playing hide and seek!

Hide And Seek

Make number cards; show them to your child – if your child is not yet recognising the numbers, just use numbers 1 – 3 or 1 – 5.  You can use 1 or 2 unfamiliar numbers to help your child learn them.

Show the number and then hide the numbers without your child seeing where. Then your child can have fun finding the numbers.


Now enjoy a Numberblocks Hide and Seek story! 



Numberblocks - Hide and Seek | Learn to Count

Happy holiday to all the children in nursery and their families!