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Fun-day Focus

This week, we are following on from our topic on Transport and starting a new topic, about 'The Beach'.

Let's start today with a transport song, including lots of ways we might travel to the beach:

We All Go Travelling By

Make-it Monday


Today we are going to play pretend and make a train or an aeroplane in your home so that we can go to the beach. You could:

  • move cushions/ chairs into a line, like sitting on a train/ aeroplane
  • or sit in a line behind each other on your bed, to pretend it is a train/ plane

You could:

  • Use a piece of card to draw buttons and/ or stick on a lid or 2 to be the steering knobs.
  • Cut up an old receipt into pieces to be train tickets or draw on small pieces of paper to make your own aeroplane tickets or passport.

Talk about what you might see at the beach- sand, water, seagulls, fish, shells, an octopus???

Here are a few examples:

Taste-it Tuesday

There is always a shop, cafe or ice-cream van near the beach so you could make an ice-cream sundae today. Ask your child to:

  • break a biscuit into small pieces and put into the bottom of a cup/ bowl
  • scoop some ice cream and put it on top
  • next, crush some biscuit to sprinkle on top
  • finally, add chocolate or strawberry sauce if you have it

You could also include slices of your favourite fruit or chocolate or sweets. 

WARNING- This is not very healthy but it's good to have a treat sometimes. Just be careful with the size!

Wiggle Wednesday


Today we are going to move to the music in the sea, at the beach:

Just Dance Disney Party: Under the Sea

A Hole in the Bottom of the Sea

Thrilling Thursday

Today's thrill will be to do beach play with things which are easy to find in the house!

Sand and Water Sensory Tables
Have a sand and water table set up. For the water table, use: blue food colouring, seashells, plastic fish, boats, etc. For the sand table, include: seashells, buckets, shovels, container with lids, plastic crabs, small rocks, etc. Just use what you have available in the house and let your child explore!


Funky Friday

Let's move our bodies on Funky Friday!



Shake and Move Children's song

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