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Fun-day Focus

This week, we are continuing our topic on Transport. We are focussing on trains, boats and aeroplanes this week. Join in with the songs below:

We All Go Travelling By

Vehicles Transportation Song For Kids

Make-it Monday

Today children are going be creative and make a boat or paper aeroplane, using paper or empty containers.

Show the children the pictures below for ideas:

Taste-it Tuesday

Children are learning the picture card 'snake' and ssss this week in phonics.

Today the children will be cooking spaghetti for their snack.

  • We will be looking, feeling and talking about the hard uncooked pasta and what happens to it when we cook it in the hot water.
  • Children will also be talking about length- longer and shorter as they eat their spaghetti.
  • Twisting spaghetti on to a fork will help children's finger dexterity and strength.
  • Children will add butter, tomato sauce and/or cheese to their pasta before eating.

Wiggle Wednesday

Listen to the music and join in with any movements you like - get ready to move faster or slower to the different speeds of music.

Train Song for Children

🌊⁠Moana - We Know the Way

Fly Away

Thrilling Thursday

Today we will enjoy a Mystery Bag game with vehicles! The children will be shown a range of vehicle toys. Each vehicle will be described and discussed before we put them in to a mystery bag.  Then one vehicle can be removed from the bag at a time but it will be hidden behind a screen. The other children will try to guess what it is by asking questions!

Mystery Bag: Promoting Oral Language (Virtual Tour)

Clues are shared by the special student of the day to help the rest of the class to reveal the mystery item. See the lesson plan at http://www.oise.utoronto....

Funky Friday

Let’s start with a clapping song!

Clap Your Hands

Up, Up, Up! | Barefoot Books Singalong


Counting Transportation Song for Kids