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Fun-day Focus

I Have A Pet Song

Make-it Monday


Children are going to make a rabbit hat or mask today. 

How to Draw a Rabbit

Taste-it Tuesday

Whilst the weather is warm and sunny, children will be making fruit ice cubes today to have in a drink of juice tomorrow. (They will be eating ice-pops bought from the shop today).



  • First, wash the fruit you’d like to use.
  • Cut them into smaller pieces to fit the ice cube tray you’re using. Cutting them into smaller pieces allows you to add more fruit into each ice cube, which means the colour is brighter and you can really taste the flavour.
  • Next, place the fruit into the ice cube trays.
  • Add water to the cubes.
  • Freeze for at least 4 hour or overnight. When they’re frozen you can pop the fruit cubes out of the tray and enjoy them in a drink of water or simply suck like a mini-lolly!

Wiggle Wednesday

Children will be repeating the music and movement lesson from last week and will continue to develop skills and practice moving to music today. Children enjoy repeating actions and repetition is a great way for children to learn.

My Pet My Buddy

Just Dance Kids Who Let The Dogs Out

Thrilling Thursday

Today we're going to go on an imaginary walk with our toy dog. They are going to go out to the park and explore. They will be excited by lots of smells and by what they see; the birds and squirrels. They run off the lead then in to the pond and get very muddy in the water!  When they get back, we have to give them a bath!


The main part of the activity is to talk to your child about caring for your pets, giving them what they need and looking after them. They can alsonenjoy the sensory fun of washing the dogs in the soapy water.

Funky Friday

Today's activity is similar to last Friday's game; Hide the Dog and Listen

This game is about hearing the volume and making the correct associations (loud means close and soft means far).

How to play, hide and listen:

  • Blindfold your child and hide any instrument (such as a tambourine) somewhere in the room where you are playing
  • Tell your child what instrument she must find
  • Your child then searches for the instrument while you play music in the background
  • Explain that when the music gets softer he is going further from the instrument and when it gets louder he is getting closer to it.

We will also sing some of the songs we have been learning this term.

How Much Is That Doggie In The Window - The Classic Nursery Rhyme For Children

BINGO | Super Simple Songs

The wheels on the bus song with animals