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Fun-day Focus

Today we will be starting a new topic on 'Food'.

We will be talking about healthy foods and learning lots of vocabulary linked to food and the kitchen, as well as creating a role-play cafe in the classroom.

Make-it Monday

Today the children will be creating plates of food which will be displayed/ used in the role-play cafe, when it is introduced later in the week.

Children will be painting food onto paper plates- taking care to use the correct colour for each food item.

Taste-it Tuesday

Today the children will be making their own dessert of yoghurt and fruit.

They will

  • increase their physical skills using a ladle to collect yoghurt from a bigger bowl and transfer it to their smaller bowl.
  • make choices over which fruit they would like to add to their yoghurt.
  • feed themselves carefully with a spoon.
  • consider others and the need to share when taking fruit to add to their yoghurt. 

Wiggle Wednesday

Today children will continue to develop their physical control, strength and stamina as they follow the actions shown and move to the music.

Todays songs and dances relate to our new topic on Food.

Fruit Juice | Shake Shake Shake it

I Like Pancakes (Dance-A-Long)

Thrilling Thursday

Today's thrill will be to enjoy role playing a cafe scenario with your child! 

Role Playing is an effective way for children to make sense of the world around them.

It develops speaking and listening skills, as well as giving children the opportunity to reflect on and develop their knowledge of a eating in a cafe with others with creativity and imagination.

Funky Friday

We are going to revisit the rhythm sticks activity from last week and then do another activity with sticks to prepare a pizza!


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Pizza Song 🍕 Rhythm Sticks🥢

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And to finish, let's sing a song we know about food.

Five Currant Buns In A Baker's Shop NURSERY RHYME | RainbowRabbit | Counting Song |