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Fun-day Focus

Make-it Monday

School is NOT OPEN today as it is a Bank Holiday.

Taste-it Tuesday

This week we will be talking to the children about how much they have grown since they were babies.

We will be talking about what our bodies need to stay healthy and grow stronger, including healthy foods and drink as well as exercise and good sleeping habits. 


We will be talking about the importance of eating breakfast and children will be making their own cereal. Children will

  • choose their favourite cereal from a few cereals available
  • pour a cup-full of cereal into their bowl
  • carefully/ slowly pour milk onto their cereal from a small cup
  • use a spoon to feed themselves and eat their cereal. 

Wiggle Wednesday

Today we will repeat the session from last Wednesday and give the children the opportunity to develop their skills, copying the movements shown.


We will also watch a small clip of babies moving and dancing to talk to children about their own growth and development.

Funniest Babies Dancing Moments

The Cha Cha Slide Dance

Just Dance 2018 Waka Waka This Time For Africa

Thrilling Thursday

Today we are going to sort out a pile of washing from the washing line and see who the clothes belong to in the family! We can talk about the clothes and their sizes and think about what clothes are too big or too small for us!

When you and your child has had fun talking about the clothes, their sizes and colours and how they feel, they can be sorted and folded in to neat piles ready for the family members. A good job done!

Funky Friday

We have sorted out clothes from the washing line on Thrilling Thursday. Let's sing a song about the washing on the line and how it dries in the wind.

Wet Washing

We have been singing a song in nursery about a farmer and his dog called Bingo. We are learning about the sounds in a word so the name B-I-N-G-O is separated into sounds in a fun way.

BINGO Song with Lyrics! Bingo the Dog Nursery Rhyme Sing Along for Kids #ReadAlong

Now let's move our rhythm sticks!