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Fun-day Focus

Continuing our topic on 'Growth', this week we will talking about babies and how they grow.

Make-it Monday

Today the children will be making a rattle toy for a baby, which they can also use as a shaker/ musical instrument.

To make a rattle/ shaker musical instrument, you will need:

  • a plastic bottle with a lid or plastic cups,
  • noisy ingredients to add inside your shakers eg. dried rice or pasta, lentils or dried peas/ beans
  • tape or super glue

To make a rattle/ shaker musical instrument:

  • Place some of your ingredients inside your bottle or cup and give it a shake.
  • fastened together with your glue gun, super glue or tape.
  • decorate the outside of your shaker with coloured tissue paper or stickers

Which noises do you like the best? Do you want to stick with just one sound, or combine ingredients to make a more complex one? You could make several shakers with different fillings in each. And make some quiet ones and some really noisy ones.


Taste-it Tuesday

Today children make their own snack. Not only does this help to develop confidence and independence, it also provides an opportunity for children to develop their listening skills to follow instructions for a purpose as well as their finger strength and fine motor skills as they pour, mix and use a spoon effectively.


As we are talking about 'Babies and Growth' this week, today we will be talking about babies not having teeth and baby food. We will be making a soft food called 'Angel Delight'. 

To make Angel Delight:

  • Pour 300ml (approx 1/2 a pint) of chilled fresh semi-skimmed milk into a bowl.
  • Add the Angel Delight 
  • Whisk until light and creamy. 
  • Leave to thicken for 5 minutes before serving.


We follow Covid-safety measures with hand washing and utensils sanitised after each use.

Wiggle Wednesday

Watch the first 2 minutes (before the adverts) of the clip below and enjoy watching smaller babies dancing/ moving to the music.

Talk to your child about when they first began to crawl and walk and what they liked to do when they were babies.

Funniest Babies Dancing Moments

Talk to your child about how they have grown and they can now move their bodies with much greater control.

Have fun moving to the music below:

The Cha Cha Slide Dance

Just Dance 2018 Waka Waka This Time For Africa Alternate

Thrilling Thursday

Today's thrill will be something very different! Using very simple ingredients which can be found in the house, the children can watch this Magic Milk Experiment!

You will need these items; 

  1. Pour a thin layer of milk in a shallow pan.

2. Have the kids add drops of food coloring all around in the milk.

3. Then the kids will pick up a cotton swab and dip it in the dish soap.

4. Then put the cotton swab in the milk – pressing it down in one spot and holding it there for about 15 seconds.

Watch what happens! There will be lots of ooohs and ahhhs. And maybe even some questions about what it is happening.

That’s where you can come in and ask a few questions.

  1. What did you notice?
  2. What happened when you put the cotton swab in the milk?
  3. Why do you think that happened?
  4. Why do you think it stopped moving around after a period of time?
  5. What else did you see?

Funky Friday

Today we will do a fun activity with the shakers we made at the beginning of the week or other shakers which we have. The music will start slowly and gradually get faster and faster!

I Can Shake My Shaker Egg

Now let's go back to our planting and growing theme! We can do an action song.

Preschool Learn to Dance: Can You Plant a Bean

Now we'll finish with some more movement on Funky Friday!